digital matte painting concept art 3d environments
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Game of Thrones Season 3- David Benioff, D.B. Weiss (2013):
matte painting, 2.5D projection, sculpting/modeling
Oblivion- Joseph Kosinski (2012/2013):
concept art, matte painting, 3d environments, Mari texturing, lighting and rendering for the ice canyon and radiation zone sequence
Game of Thrones Season 2- David Benioff, D.B. Weiss (2012):
matte painting, 2.5 projection

I won a Visual Effects Society Award for Outstanding Compositing in a Broadcast Program Game of Thrones, Episode 210: White Walker Army for my matte paintng and 2.5D environment.

The visual effects won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Visual Effects 2012.

Webspecial Boing 747-8- Lufthansa (2011/2012):
matte painting, 3d environment, 8k print stills, rigging, rendering, modeling, texturing
BMW X drive Village (2011):
matte painting, animation, lighting, rendering
Hugo Cabret- Martin Scorsese (2011):
stereoscopic matte painting projection, environment creation, modeling, shading, rendering, animation

The visual effects won an Acedemy Award in Best Achievement in Visual Effects 2012.

Die Maenner der Emden- Berengar Pfahl (2011):
animation, rigging, 3d asset preparation
Red Tails- Anthony Hemingway (2011):
animation, lighting, rendering
Jesus liebt mich- Florian David Fitz (2011):
Fast Five- Justin Lin (2011):
animation, rendering
Der neue Actros- Mercedes (2011):
animation, modeling
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